Aww worthy moment — 1-week-old Bouncing Baby Bassets

20 Feb

These little guys were brought into rescue at one-day-old with their mom, Barbie. They were covered in fleas.
The good folks at Daphneyland cleaned them up, and pro photographer Kevin McIntyre took their pics.
Their names, Left to Right: Skipper (the only girl), Barbados, Corvette, GI Joe, Mica, and Ken.

Fuhgeddaboud Waldo! Let’s play “Where’s Momo?”

14 Feb

My good buddy and art aficionado, Traci Wolbert, shared this link with me today. Instead of finding bespectacled, stripe-wearing Waldo, Andrew Knapp invites us to find his border collie, Momo! Give it a try; It’s kinda’fun!

PS… Thanks to The Honest Kitchen for the sample package. We are working our way through it. The canine residents of The Red Dog Inn are gobbling the samples up — even my picky eater, Sofie! I promise to post more later with pics. :)
Visit them here:

Help Daphneyland Help More Hounds

6 Sep

Not all basset hounds are as fortunate as Lula, who is in her third and final home, having never spent a second in a shelter.  Would you consider voting for Basset Rescue Network at Daphneyland in the CHASE COMMUNITY GIVING event.  Voting has begun and will run through September 19!

All you have to do is CLICK! No money will come out of your pocket, but if Daphneyland wins, they can do great things for basset hounds in need, like Dodger, who came to the rescue paralyzed and is now walking!

Here’s the link to the page to vote!

A Month Without The Bark Park

1 Sep

After Gramma’s annual visit, Little Sofie got a growth on her lip. So, being the conservative type, and the unemployed type, I watched it. I did some research and decided it was a Canine Wart, for which there is nothing that can be done except to let it run its course.

I watched it. It grew. And the Sunday before I was going to take Sofie to the doc to have it looked at and confirmed that it was a wart and not something more sinister, she caught it with her claw and tore it.

So the next day we went to the vet. Our vet was vacationing, so the sub stepped in. She couldn’t diagnose because it was mangled, but was very kind with the pricing.

Ends up it was a wart. So there is no bark park for a month and NO KISSING dogs that haven’t been exposed to her cooties.

Most folks are understanding. One guy couldn’t get his dog back, so I had to explain that she had a wart. The virus is working its way out of her system, and that it was NOT LIFE THREATENING.

So, what this means is Coach Sofie and I are walking again. Gosh, I hope this jump starts my sluggish metabolism again!

PS … If you can’t tell by now, SOFIE IS OURS and WE ARE HERS. She is officially a RED DOG. No longer a foster. Hasn’t been really since the first week!!! ;)

Wish us luck.



11 Jul

The minds of all of us here at The Red Dog Inn are on Belfast’s life or death decision for Lennox, a beloved Lab-mix who may die simply for looking like a pit bull. Stop Breed Specific Legislation. Save Lennox. Options exist and the decision makers are well aware of them.


27 Jun

Wow! I can’t let June pass without noting two anniversaries!

Butters joined us six years ago on June 10. We went and played on the beach, his favorite place, to celebrate.

Sofie celebrated her first anniversary with us a week later. She’s a rambunctious 2-year-old that has single-pawedly walked her momma thinner. A well-exercised dog is a good dog. She keeps us all hopping, including the lizards that taunt her from the fence.

Lula and I await the start of hockey season and her birthday.

Daphneyland 2011 Holiday Newsletter

7 Dec



Check out the 2011 Holiday Newsletter from our friends at Daphneyland! This is the non-profit group the residents of The Red Dog Inn have chosen to benefit.


Hounds Dashing Through the Snow






Join Us November 6, 2011 and Help the Hounds of Daphneyland

3 Nov

What are you doing on Sunday, November 6?

For 50 tax deductible dollars per person, you can join us for food, drink, music and a silent  auction in West Los Angeles. One of the items in the silent auction is a guitar signed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

The fastest way to get your ticket is to call Daphneyland at 661-269-2682.  Pay via phone or pay at the door, but the only way to get the address is to call.

Oh yes, Daphneyland is a non-profit so your donations will be tax deductible! (BaRNI at Daphneyland Nonprofit Tax ID # 20-3737011)


See you there!


Help Fund Roberta’s Recovery

11 Oct

Roberta, found as a stray with a broken hip, needs your help. Read her story by following the link. If you are moved, you may help Roberta by making a donation to cover her medical costs. Thank you.

Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland is a 501 c 3 organization, which means your donation is tax deductible.

All, Hail! Queen Lula!

11 Oct

Lula was named QUEEN of the Pacific Waddle on October 24 for raising the most funds for her charity, Daphneyland Basset Ranch.


You can also follow them on facebook at